Using TimeOff.Management

How to request leaves

To request a leave simply click on a New Absence button
Once you click on New absence button you will the form.
You can select different leave types:
There are options to take multiple or single day leave
There is also an option to book a part of the day. If you need to take only part of the day simply enter 50 %. If you want to take 2 hours out of 8 hours working day it will be 25% (2 hours/8 hours x100%)
Once form if filled please press Create.
Once request is made supervisor can approve or reject it.

Leave requests created by supervisor for employee

If for some reasons supervisor has to create leave requests for employee he/she can doing it by staring the usual New Absence form as mentioned above. But when supervisor accesses it there is one more extra field For Employee. There supervisor can chose employee he is creating requests for. The rest of the process in the same.
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