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Leave tracking software designed to fit into your workflow.
All aspects of annual leave in one place.
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Personalised Calendar saves time and helps plan absences better with detailed allowance breakdown and options to book, revoke or cancel leave requests in one place.

Team View

Presents information in visually clear and helpfull way giving full visibility of the team to avoid staff shortages and leave requests clashes.

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All information for absence management at your fingertips with our set of comprehensive reports

Discover more Features

Trusted absence tracking solution

Leave types

Add custom absence types, choosing whether they require approval, affect allowance time, who they are available to and who can see them.

Calendar feeds

Broadcast employee whereabout into external calendar providers: MS Outlook, Google Calendar, Confluence Team Calendar, and iCal.


Access to reporting tools to track and report on holidays, which helps proactively plan and manage your resources.

Unique onboarding Wizard

Unique feature of our system. It allows to set up company account in 4 easy steps. There is no need to go through screen after screen and constantly check manual. Set up is easy so your account will be up and running in a matter of minutes.


Access to the employee leave requests data can be restricted to suit the needs and structure of your company

Fit into your workflow

With options to create unlimited number of departments, assign supervisors and secondary approvers, flexible system of auto approvals and many more our solution will easily fit into your work process

Log absence in seconds

System allows your employees to request time off themselves and see when dates have already been approved, helping you to avoid staff shortages.

All aspects of annual leave in one place

Everything from automatically calculating holiday entitlements to fielding holiday requests effectively.

Export to external calendars

Share your TimeOff.Management data with external calendar providers such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar (iCal) or Google Calendar.

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Trusted by customers since 2014.