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Empower managers with valuable insights into employee absences.

Get a detailed breakdown of all absences taken with our comprehensive reports.Easily combine leaves by department or type to gain valuable insights.
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TimeOff as Employee directory

An employee directory is a resource dedicated to storing information about the members of an organisation, including their names, job titles, and contact information. Apart from being centralised location for important employee information it helps with onboarding, promotes collaboration and employee engagement.

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TimeOff as absence management solution

Comprehensive solution that helps employee to track absences and avoid clashes. It provides simple visually clear picture to see who is off and why with option to integrate this information in your regular work calendars.

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TimeOff as holiday booking system

Fully self-serving booking system. Simply book or revoke leave from your desktop of phone and see when it is approved or cancel by manager. All information will be instantly updated on the Calendar.

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