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We've been a trusted provider since 2014.
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How it works

Overflowing with useful features

Our program offers a wealth of helpful features to simplify your leave management process.


Efficiently manage absences with our Personalized Calendar, providing detailed allowance breakdowns and convenient booking, revoking, and canceling of leave requests.

Team View

Prevent staff shortages and leave request clashes with our software's clear and comprehensive view of your team's absences, making leave management easy and stress-free.

External Calendars

Easily sync your calendar with external providers like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, and Google Calendar using our software, keeping you up-to-date on all team absences.


Empower managers with valuable insights into employee absences using our detailed reports and analytics, helping them make informed decisions and stay on top of leave management.
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Trusted absence tracking solution

Our program is designed for easy adoption, with a user-friendly interface that lets you start managing employee leave with ease.

Easy to use

Streamline your leave management with our software's intuitive workflow and helpful features, designed for businesses of all sizes to manage employee absences with confidence.

Quick set up

Get our system up and running in no time with our simple setup wizard. Our software is designed to be easy to use and quick to set up, so you can start managing employee leave with ease.

Free trial

Try our software for free with a 30-day trial and a simple payment plan. No credit card details are required, so you can start managing employee leave without any risk.

Let's simplify your leave management.

We've been a trusted provider  since 2014, helping customers simplify their leave management with ease.
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