Team View

Provides a comprehensive and visually clear display of your team's absences.
Centralized location for managers to view their team's absences
Managers can see a summary of an employee's leave allowances and requests by hovering over their name
Visually clear and helpful presentation helps managers avoid staff shortages and leave request conflicts
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Employee calendar

TimeOff's Employee Calendar streamlines the leave planning process by providing a centralized location for employees to manage their time off requests.

Allowance breakdown

Get a comprehensive breakdown of your leave allowances and make informed decisions.

Simple workflow

Easily adjust or revoke approved requests, and notify supervisors with just one click for efficient communication.

Efficient communication

Notify supervisors with just one click for efficient communications


Get a detailed breakdown of all absences taken with our comprehensive reports.
Easily combine leaves by department or type to gain valuable insights.

Allowance usage by time

The Allowance Usage by Time report in TimeOff provides comprehensive details of all types of employee absences, allowing managers to easily track and manage their team's leave.

Employee leaves

The Employees Leaves report in TimeOff is a versatile tool that provides all the essential information about employee leave requests, including dates, status, leave type, approvers, and comments.
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Heat map

One of the main benefits of having a heat-map in your team view calendar is that it allows you to quickly identify busy and quiet periods.

Download as CSV.file

Our reports are available in CSV format for easy storage and analysis, ensuring that you're always in the know.

Complete set of features to customise solution to the needs of your company

Customize our software to fit your company's unique needs with our flexible set of features.
For your peace of mind, our software allows you to backup full employee lists and leave requests regularly.

Fractional leave tracking

We offer fractional leave tracking that shows leave hours as a simple percentage of regular day hours.

Weekly schedule

Company-wide weekly schedule bar for easy scheduling.

Carry over

Carry over unused allowances, so you can meet the particular circumstances of every employee.
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Useful features

TimeOff offers a comprehensive set of features that enable managers to effectively manage employee time off requests, ensuring a smooth and efficient leave management process

Leave types

Different leave types give you tools to handle any type of absence. You can add or archive leave types, include them in allowance and set up limits, marked some for auto approval.

Public holidays

Public holidays can be automatically imported. To tailor public holidays lists to your requirements there is an option to add an extra ones.


You can create or delete departments, assign employee, managers and secondary approvers. To represent the structure of your organisation.

Employee bulk import

Just enter employee details in excel based template (downloaded from the site) and upload it back into the TimeOff.Management.

Unique Onboarding Wizard
Set up account in 4 easy steps

Onboarding wizard is a unique feature of our system. It allows to set up company account in 4 easy steps. There is no longer need to go through screen after screen and constantly check manual. Set up is easy so your account will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Let's simplify your leave management.

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