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Simplify staff leave management with our helpful features. Personalized calendars and detailed reporting make it a breeze
Screenshhot of TimeOff.management app open, showing the Allowance Breakdown screen with detailed information on available and used leave days Screenshot of leave type section in general setting with leave type names Screenshot of Team View With list of employees and leave requests
Screenshot of TimeOff.Management Calendar with list of employee abcenses Screenshot of month in TimeOff.Management Calendar with leaves booked Screenshot of TimeOff.Management allowance breakdown details  in Employee Calendar
Screenshot of TimeOff.Management  employee leave request on Team View with status A New absence form with employee details at employee timeoff management Screenshot of Team View page with filter open

Included in TimeOff.Management

TimeOff.Management comes with everything you need to to get your leave and absence management sorted.

Pre-loaded holidays for more than 200+ countries

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A pop-up window showing options to import bank holidays or add new holiday manualy

Unlimited number of users and departments

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A pop-up window to create a new department in TimeOff.Management

All types of

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Team View.

Offers a comprehensive and visually intuitive view of your team's leave schedules.
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A centralized hub for managers to oversee their team's leave schedules
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Hover over an employee's name to access a summary of their leave allowances and request history for managers
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A visually intuitive presentation aids managers in preventing staffing gaps and leave request clashes.
Screenshot with pop-up window  on Team View page showing days available for employee

Employee calendar.

TimeOff's Employee Calendar simplifies leave planning by offering a central space for employees to handle their time-off requests.
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Effortlessly modify or cancel approved requests and promptly
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Gain a thorough understanding of your leave allowances to facilitate informed decision-making
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Promptly inform supervisors with a single click, ensuring efficient communication
Screenshot of days used by employee, department and approver detailsScreenshot of Allowance Breakdown in Calendar


Get a detailed breakdown of all absences taken with our comprehensive reports.Easily combine leaves by department or type to gain valuable insights.
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Allowance Usage by Time report offers detailed insights into various employee absences, simplifying leave tracking and management for supervisors.
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Employees Leaves report is a versatile tool that offers essential information about employee leave requests, encompassing dates, status, leave types, approvers, and comments.
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One of the main benefits of having a heat-map in your team view calendar is that it allows you to quickly identify busy and quiet periods.
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Our reports are conveniently available in CSV format, allowing for effortless storage and analysis, ensuring you stay well-informed at all times.
TimeOff.Management Heat map of four monthsTimeOff.Management employee leaves report
Screenshot of Employee Calendar showing Days availableScreenshot of employee calendar with leaves bookedScreenshot of Employee Calendar showing days used by employee Screenshot of Employee Calendar showing calendar month with booked leave requestsScreenshot of Employee Calendar showing allowance breakdown for  employee

Useful features

TimeOff offers a comprehensive set of features that enable managers to effectively manage employee time off requests, ensuring a smooth and efficient leave management proces
A pop-up window for employee to book leave request

Fractional Leave

We offer fractional leave tracking so leave can be book in hours.
Screenshot of Schedule in Employee details to create flexible schedule

Flexi schedule

Company-wide and employee weekly schedule to acomodate any workflow.
Screenshot of Carry over allowance page at TimeOff.Management with list of employees and days to carry over

Carry over

Carry over unused allowances in one simple step
Pop-up window to add 4 days working days policy to selected employees

4 days working week

Selected employees can be assigned a four-day work week. To account for the increased daily workload, a 1.25 coefficient is applied to absence durations. This adjustment occurs automatically and applies solely to absence management.
Screenshot of allowance adjustment  with list of adjustmwnt, dates and comments

Allowance adjustment

Allowance adjustments are presented like a ledger with every adjustment is tracked and useful comment added for better record keeping.

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