Simple yet powerful leave management solution

TimeOff.Management provides a complete set of features enabling to take full control of all aspects of staff leave management.

Lots of helpful details

Helpful pop-ups

Employee summary allows easy access to stuff details such as department, available leave balance and see who is an approver.

Team View has a lot of helpful pop-ups that make navigation much easier and give you instant clues like status of annual leave requests, bank holidays etc

Simple navigation provides smooth user experience.

Export to external calendars

Share your TimeOff.Management data with external calendar providers such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar (iCal) or Google Calendar.
We provide following streams from:

My Calendar page - feeds all data from My Calendar page

Team View page - feeds Team view data for next half a year

Customisable Team View- same as Team view feed but with ability to filter out departments.

Team View gives instant access to all the necessary information to make your life easier.

Employee calendar

Simple yet powerful tool. All information combined in a single place for an easy access.

Comprehensive allowance breakdown helps employee plan leave days quicker and gives details for further decision making. If your employee needs to contact supervisor direct link to email is available on the same page.
Approved requests can be revoked with immediate message passed to supervisor for confirmation.

Also export to external calendars gives you freedom to see or share information in Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar (iCal), Google Calendar or other third party calendar solution.

Complete set of features to customise solution to the needs of your company

Using our set of features you can customise our solution to be the right one for your company. Apart from general set up there are options to allow fractional leaves which are shown in simple percentage of leave hours taken to the regular day hours.

For your peace of mind you can regularly backup full list of employee with all their leave requests. Also there is a company week schedule bar that can help define company wide weekly schedule.

Option of calculating and carrying over unused allowance gives flexibility to the solution so it can meet very particular circumstances of every employee.

Leave types

Different leave types give you tools to handle any type of absence. You can add or archive leave types, include them in allowance and set up limits, marked some for auto approval.

Public holidays

Public holidays can be automatically imported. To tailor public holidays lists to your requirements there is an option to add a extra ones.


You can create or delete departments, assign employee, managers and secondary approvers. To represent the structure of your organisation.

Employee bulk import

Just enter employee details in excel based template (downloaded from the site) and upload it back into the TimeOff.Management.

Unique Onboarding Wizard
Set up account in 4 easy steps

Onboarding wizard is a unique feature of our system. It allows to set up company account in 4 easy steps. There is no longer need to go through screen after screen and constantly check manual. Set up is easy so your account will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Let's simplify your leave management

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