Billing section

Billing section is a new section located in set up menu:
General setting pop-up menu
Once you enter this section you can see a screen that consists of two main parts.

Part one gives you an ability to add or edit your billing details such as company name and address that should appear on the invoice. If you require any tax code or reference to be mentioned please enter details in "Additional information" field.
Any emails that invoice should be sent to can be added in "Invoice emails" field.
Depending upon your payment schedule you can chose billing schedule as monthly or annually.
Invoice also can be issued in different currency. Please set your preferences in the field "Currency". There are three options available: GBP, EUR and USD.

Screenshot of billing section
Part two combines all information about previously issued invoices and tells you when the next bill will be issued. There you can see period for which invoice was issued, number of employee invoice is based on, amount, see if any invoice is still outstanding and follow the link to arrange payment.
Screenshot of list of all invoices