Product updates

Announcements, improvements, fixes.

New article "Auto approval settings"

Added 14 Jan 2021

Please have a look at our new article that combines all options available in the system for different auto approval settings.

Auto approval for leave requests created by supervisors

Added 13 Jan 2021

Auto approval is added for leave requests created by supervisors on behalf of employees. So this types of requests will be approved automatically upon creation without a need for approval.

"Add employee" form simplified

Added 08 Jan 2021

Add employee form simplified to improve user experience and make the process of creating users smother. Also option was added to sent invitation to a new user directly from the from.
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Registration form was simplified

Added 08 Jan 2021

Registration form was simplified. Unnecessary fields were taken to speed up registration and improve usability.
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Send invitation email option added

Added 08 Jan 2021

Send invitation email option was added to the employee details form. Once pressed it will send employee welcome email and link to reset password.
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Auto approval added for leave types

Added 05 Jan 2021

Now option auto approval can be added for any leave type. Helpfull if you want Covid related working from home leave to be introduces and auto approved.
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Unique onboarding Wizard

Added 04 Jan 2021

Onboarding wizard is a unique feature recently added to our system.
It allows to set up company account in 4 easy steps.
There is no longer need to go through screen after screen and constantly check manual. Set up is organised in a most efficient way so account can be up in running  in a matter of minutes.
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New multi location set up feature is under development

Added 29 Dec 2020

Our team is working on new multi location set up feature. It will allow customers set up accounts with users in different geographical locations with separate public holidays, time zone, date formats etc. If you have any suggestions/requirements how this feature has to work for your company please do get in touch! We will try our best to include as much of your ideas as possible in the end product.

New Billing section

Added 20 Dec 2020

New Billing sections gives you ability to add or edit billing setting, like emails invoices should be sent to.
Also there you can see the list of all invoices and their status. If invoice is outstanding simply click on the link to proceed with payment.
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New superfast hosting

Added 10 Dec 2020

We migrated TimeOffManagement to a new cloud computing provider. This improved the application response time dramatically and increased capacity of our solution.