TimeOff as an absence management solution

Comprehensive solution that helps employee to track absences and avoid clashes.

Gain an instant snapshot of team availability.

Use filters for quick selection. Receive useful pop-up reminders detailing the nature and status of each team member's absence, along with information on each employee's remaining annual leave balance.

Booking timeoff made simple.

Provide a fast and convenient method for staff and supervisors to apply for leave.
Clear annual leave availability
Add any additional information in comments while booking new leave
Notification about new leave request to process by email and in the system reminder

Eliminate repetitive task and calculation.

TimeOff takes care of all allowance calculation so there is no need for Wallcharts and messy paperwork.
Automatic allowance calculations based on set-up policies
Option for auto-approval and adding second approver
Carry over of unused leaves

Let's simplify your leave management.

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