Individual limits for leave types

With the ability to set individual limits on leave types, such as sick days or working from home, employers can tailor allowances to better suit the needs of each employee. This means that sick day limits can vary based on an employee's tenure in the company, providing a fair and personalized approach. Similarly, working from home limits can be adjusted to accommodate different work arrangements or preferences, promoting a more flexible and accommodating work environment for all.

In order to do that go to Employee details - tab Leave types. Select leave types you would like to adjust for this employee and click on three dots button for Edit options.
Leave type with edit option in Time off system
There are two options:
- Edit limit override - gives you ability to manually adjust limits;
- Restore limit to global - return individual limits to global setting indicated in General settings.
Edit options to adjust individual leave type limit in Timeoff absence planner
If you select Edit limit override the field with days selector appears. Select correct number of days and press Save changes.
Individual leave type adjustment at  TimeOff leave planner