It is a helpful option if there is an used holidays allowance at the end of the year that you would like to carry over to the next year. Before doing it please make sure that all leave requests are submitted and approved. Then Account administrator should chose "Settings" from the drop down menu.
General details pop-up Menu
On Settings page  click on Carry over allowance.
Account settings page screenshot
To set up a company-wide policy for carrying over unused allowances, follow these steps in the system:
- Select each employee eligible for carryover.
- Click 'Carry over allowance for selected employee'. The system will automatically calculate the carryover based on available days and the maximum allowed by policy.
- To manually override, tick the employee needing adjustment.
- Enter the desired number of days in the 'Days to be carried over' column.
- Click 'Carry over allowance for selected employees'. This column will record the last adjustment made for each employee.
Cary over adays page with list of employees and days avaiable