There are three different options to set up auto approvals.

1. Leave types can be created with auto-approval option. This is very helpful when for example employee needs to work from home when self-isolating. The only thing needed is tick the auto approve box while setting new leave type of editing existing one.
Screenshot of Leave types list with auto approval and use from allowance selectors
2. Employee can be granted auto approval for his/her leave requests. This may be useful when leave requests are made by senior management and does not require approval. To access this setting please tick the box "Auto approve leave requests" when creating or editing employee details.
Screenshot of auto approve leave requests field
3. Leave requests created by supervisor on behalf on employee will be automatically auto approved. When new leave requests is created by supervisor on behalf on employee it will be automatically approved by the system. It may be helpful when employee does not have immediate access to the internet to log the leave request.