Adding department

To manage Departments  please chose option Departments from the drop down menu
General settings pop-up Menu
To add new department please press blue button Add new department
Screenshot of Departments page with arrow pointing to Add new department button
Please fill the form to create a new department. Th following information is required:

  • Name of the department
  • Allowance. Total number of absences allowed for every employee assigned to this department.
  • If you want that department allowance included public holidays please tick Include Public holidays box.
  • Tick the box Auto approve leave requests if employee does not require approval for his leave requests. In this case his requsts will be approved automatically.
  • If you want to use option Accrued allowance please tick the box. Accrued holiday is where employees build up their annual leave over the first year of their employment. Annual leave is built up for every month of employment. For example, after 3 months of working in the business, an employee would have accrued ¼ of their annual entitlement.
  • Supervisor can be chosen from the list of employee. Supervisor will be responsible for approval leave requests for this department.
Once form is filled please button Create.
Add new department window
After you create a new department it will appear on the list of all company departments.
Department page screenshot with success message

Editing/Deleting departments

In order to edit or delete department please chose needed department from the list of departments.
To edit department information please make the changes and press Save changes to department.
To delete department press button Delete. However you need to make sure that all employees are deleted from department before it can be deleted. To see all employees assigned to the department press Employees from department. There is more information how to delete employees.
Department details page