4 days working week assignment

Setting up 4 days working week

This feature can be accessed from Settings - Four days week tab
To incorporate an employee into the "Four Days Week" schedule, click on the "Add Employees" button located on the right-hand side of this interface. From the dropdown list, select the names of the employees you wish to include. Changes can be reverted at any given time, if necessary. Be advised that these modifications only apply to future absences. Absences recorded prior to the schedule change will remain unaffected.
Once it is done specific working schedule can be customised. It will override company one schedule.
Now when booking absences to account for the increased daily workload, a 1.25 coefficient is applied to absence durations. This adjustment occurs automatically and applies solely to absence management. For example when employee with 4 days working feature books 5 days holidays the allowance is adjusted by 5x1.25= 6.25 days
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