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Carrying over unused allowances

It is a helpful option if there is an used holidays allowance at the end of the year that you would like to carry over to the next year. Before doing it please make sure that all leave requests are submitted and approved. Then Account administrator should chose "General" from the drop down menu.
On General settings page please review your company policy about the number of days allowed to be carried over to the next year. You can chose number of days or select option "Any" if you don't want to set up a limit.
Once this is done please press button Carry over allowance on the same screen to transfer all unused allowances from the current year to the next within limits you set up.
Now this carried over allowances will be added to the next year allowances. For example if yearly allowance is 20 days and employee carries over 3 unused days from the previous year so his allowance will be 23 days.
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