Setting up TimeOff.Management

To manage Leave types  please chose option General from the drop down menu
On the lower half of the screen you will see a window called Leave types.
Leave types can be customised to suit the needs of your company:
- you can chose a colour that will represent this leave type on the calendar.
- if you click on use allowance box all requests of this leave type will be deducted from the total allowance. Otherwise leave type will not be deducted.
- if marked auto approve all leave requests of this type will be approved automatically.
- in the field limit you can specify maximum number of days that can be taken thought the year for this particular leave type.
- also there is a option to completely delete the leave type from the list by click black cross button. However please make sure that all existing  requests for this leave types are deleted from the system.
There is also a option to archive a leave type. In this way chosen leave type will not be available for new booking but all existing leaves of this type are still kept.
The list of all previously archived types are mentioned in the Archived Leave Types and any types from there could be easily restored by clicking the opened lock button as shown below.
New leave types can be added simply by pressing Add new Button and filling the little form. Once done click Create button and press Save changes to save all your modification.
Once Leave types are customised to save the changes made please press Save changes button.