Setting up TimeOff.Management

Adding, editing, deleting users

Adding users

In order to add employee please open please chose option Employee in the header menu.
There are two option for adding employee. You can add one employee at a time or add them in bulk.

Adding one employee at a time.

To add one employee at a time please press button Add new employee as shown on the screenshot below and chose Add single employee.
Please complete the form adding the following information:

  • First and last names of employee
  • Email address
  • Department from the drop down list created in section Departments in main set up menu.
  • Tick the box Is Administrator user if employee have a administrator right to the company account.
  • Tick the box Auto approve leave requests if employee does not require approval for his leave requests. In this case his requsts will be approved automatically.
  • Started on - the date when employee started employment.
  • Password - password for employee to access the application..
Once form is complete please press Add new employee button.

Adding employee in bulk.

TO add employees in bulk please chose option Employee in the header menu. Then on the screen called Staff press button Add new employee and select option Import employee as shown on the screenshot above. Once this is done the following screen will appear. There are three easy steps to follow. When you press Download .csv sample file (can be opened with MS Office Excel )you will get a documents with employee that are already in the system. Please use the same format and add all the employees. Then simple save this file and press Chose File button to download amended file.
Once done simple press Import employees and all employee and now added to your company.

Editing users

In order to add employee please open please chose option Employee in the header menu.
Three you will see a list of all employees. Press on the name of employee you want to edit. This will direct you to the Employee details page. To edit information there please press button Edit.
You can do all the necessary changes in the editing mode. If you decide not to proceed please press cancel. To save all the changes please press Save changes button.

Deleting users

There are two options how you can delete employee from the company.
Option 1 is to delete employee completely. It will delete all information about this employee from the system and employee can not be retrieved later. To access this option please go to Employee section.
There please chose en employee that needed to be deleted and press on his name. This will lead to the employee details form. Click on Edit drop box and chose option delete. This will remove employee from the system. However you want want to keep employee data for further records and have an ability ri retrieve employee at a later date there an option to archive.
To archive employee once you are in employee details form please press Edit button and go into editing mode. In the form there chose field Ended on and enter the date from which you want employee information to be archived. And press Save changes button.
After this employee will not be able to access the system, will no longer be seen in Team view, but you still can see him in the list of all employee (name will cross to show that this employee is archived).
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